Goodbye DS330

April 11, 2006

I am already missing my Olympus DS330.  I had used it for many years (or so it seems) alongside other dictaphones but would always revert to the DS330 by reason of my familiarity to it, its ease of use, its compact size and above all its reliability.  I had sold dozens of them and in all that time there was only ever one complaint about it. 

I remember meeting the rep from Olympus when it was launched and he boasted that it would never break…after all it had no moving parts!

I used to reserve Folders A to D for my business and professional dictation saving Folder E for utterances from my infant son.  Using this folder I have built up a fun and memorable "album" of recordings.

I still have a few DS 330's knocking about.  It has been a sturdy and reliable workhorse.

The software for the DS330 improved over time.  The last edition was efficient problem free and easy to use.  For anyone still using this dictaphone I have a few accessories in stock should you require them.

The DS330 had, in my view, two drawbacks.  It was a very compact piece of equipment.  Some commented that it was too small to be comfortably operated with one hand.  The other was that it did not have the familiar old fashioned slider switch.  Whilst I did not encounter either of these problems I will share my thoughts on slider switches in particular during another post.