Hello world!

April 10, 2006

Welcome to DictationToday.Wordpress.com. My aim is to share with whoever is interested my experiences with digital dictation products and software.  What follows may be of interest to:

  • newcomers to digital dictation
  • regular users of digital dictation who are already sold on the idea
  • manufacturers, distributors / resellers
  • transcription service providers
  • IT depratments within organisations using digital dictation.

By way of background I am a lawyer who is keen on using IT and technology generally in making life at work (and home) easier.  I use digital dictation on a daily basis for my work as a lawyer. I also run a transcription business UKTyping where Digital Dictation is used throughout.

I invite anyone with an interest in dictation products and software and also those with expertise and involvement in this field to contribute.

I will be happy to answer questions that users and prospective users of digital dictation may have in the Q&A category and if I do not have the answer I will endeavour to obtain it.


One Response to “Hello world!”

  1. Nick Holmes Says:


    A belated welcome to the blogosphere!


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